Bajan means from or about Barbados. Barbados is a tropical paradise island not far from St. Lucia, Grenada, and Trinidad and Tobago. Our grandparents  left Barbados in the 1900s and went to Brooklyn New York. Growing up in Brooklyn, we remember the exotic, irresistible aroma of Caribbean cooking at home and around our neighborhood. We could walk a short while to enjoy delicious flavors like Jamaican curry down the street, or Trinidadian Callaloo around the corner, or Grenadine rice and beans just a few blocks away. With our Bajan Station Caribbean Food Truck, we will bring these flavors to the Seattle/Tacoma metropolitan area.

We are a family-owned start up Food Truck business always on a look out to reach as many as people possible by going with the flow of the evolving conscious nutrition movement. To serve as an even stronger role model our idea is to use recyclable packaging, electric alternatives to gas-powered motors and even find people to employ who have trouble getting hired. Food brings together because everybody loves food, especially us. We already know that you’ll love the taste of our carefully selected, healthy and tasty ingredients infused with just the right amount of exotic spices to fit everybody’s taste.¬†

We really strengthened the idea of a Caribbean food truck on our first family trip to Barbados where we met and reunited with more family members from the island in 2019. The taste of the Atlantic was just too delicious to be left only where it came from, so we took it with us. We are certain that our taste is authentic with respect to the culture even when creating plant-based variations.